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Waiting and patience, two words which, when added to moderation, form a cluster of generally distasteful words.  While that may sound extreme, think about.  When are these words used?

They are frequently used to thwart a person’s fun and enjoyment and/or to suggest that a person’s expectations are unreasonable.

“I’m hungry” “Be patient, it’s not dinner time yet.”  Well, what does being patient have to do with my hunger?  Absolutely nothing!

Of course, my favorite is the age old “Patience is a virtue!” as if this makes all the difference in the world.  Nope, patience is not my thing.  I’ve got bouncing and Tiggerizing to do!

I once told my husband, if he wanted me to have patience, we would have to have a daughter and name her Patience.  He didn’t quite see the humor in this.  Oh well.

Last night my husband and I decided to go out to dinner, spontaneously, at the last minute, without prior planning.  Yes, it was Saturday night, but even so, usually not a problem.  The only glitch was, we seemed to have forgotten that it was the Saturday prior to Valentine’s day.  Oops.

Naturally, our favorite restaurant was completely booked.  As the light dawned on us that we may have a slight problem with our impromptu dinner plans, we began calling around to find out what wait times were like.  All of the ‘suitable to qualify for a romantic evening out’ restaurants had the same answer – 45 minutes.  That meant waiting for 45 minutes, probably more, before getting seated, never mind the wait from being seated to being served real, edible food to satisfy my tummy’s hunger pains.

Yeah, I don’t do waiting, it’s just not my thing.  I know some people do.  But I go out to eat when I’m hungry, not when I’m planning on being hungry in an hour or two.  My empty tummy and I simply were not up for a 45 minute wait.

Yes, I would have loved the ever so tasty 503 Burger, and Famous Dave’s barbecue is my favorite, but as much as I love my special meals at certain restaurants, they weren’t worth the wait.

Instead, we went to a great restaurant, more of a sport’s bar, with great food.  They had a wait time of zero minutes – which was right up my alley.  The food was great, it always is.  It just isn’t a romantic environment, which is the only explanation I could come up with for why they didn’t have a wait.

I had a bacon burger and sweet potato fries.  Oh, my tummy was very happy!

When we walked out to the car, I glanced at the time, if we’d been lucky at one of the other restaurants, we may have had our orders taken by then, but it is doubtful that even a scrap of food would have made its way to my poor tummy.

Yes, my tummy and I agreed, waiting is a very distasteful word 🙂

If you haven’t already, take a peek at the Casey-dictionary to see the true meaning of words like patience, waiting and many others!




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