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Making things complicated is one of my many talents.  Although it is admittedly a talent which, unlike other talents, I am trying to dull rather than hone.  Because, let’s be honest, the art of complication is not consistent with the pursuit of Tiggerhood.

The difficulty, for me, lies in recognizing when I am utilizing this talent, and differentiating it from prudence, diligence, strong work ethic, and professional excellence.  Another part of the struggle is that I am beginning to realize that, though I excel more than most people at the art of over complicating things, the desire to make things complicated in inherent to our human nature, and therefore a facet of being human.  Hey, maybe I can blame this one on mother Earth too 🙂  My mom would sure be pleased, because historically I have attributed my less favorable characteristics to a genetic predisposition, which then allowed me to blame my mother.  Quite obviously, it goes without saying that such actions are un Tiggerlike and as such, I no longer engage in mother-blame for my character flaws.  Alas, I suppose blaming the Earth could be a bit of a stretch as well.

However, as I was saying, over complicating things is human nature.  When’s the last time you watched a movie where Joe met Jane, they fell in love, they never argued, there was no conflict, they lived happily ever after, never had financial struggles, their kids loved them and never rebelled, and they died contentedly in their sleep, holding hands, at the ripe old age of 150?

We don’t like uncomplicated, we find it boring.  When we see an easy solution, we hunt for the flaw, for the secretly hidden reason that the easy answer is really wrong, and if we don’t find it, we come away slightly disappointed.

If there is a way to make a project more complex and challenging than it already is, then that’s the way we do it.  Or at least, that’s the way Casey does it.

Funnily enough, as much difficulty as I have seeing over-complication for the ugly monster it is for myself, I have absolutely no difficulty seeing it for others.

We humans, we analyze, label, break down, categorize, we just can’t help ourselves.

Breastfeeding is a perfect example.  People, and many other mammals, have been doing it for thousands of years.  And while it is true that like any other natural process there can be challenges and difficulties, by and large it is a ‘simple’ process that just works.

Most mammals, they just do it.  They have been blessed with the lack of ability to put their milk under a microscope, or send it to a lab and break it down into its various components.  They lack the ability to differentiate between colostrum and mature milk and therefore worry about the precise cellular makeup of the nourishment they are providing their young.  They lack the curse of a clock by which they can determine whether it is time to feed their baby.  They lack the ability to name all the different ways to hold their baby, so that they can then confuse themselves and drive themselves nuts worrying that they are doing it wrong.

Not us humans.  We could never let it be that simple.  What would be the point?

Over complicating things, it is what we humans do.

Even though I am on a journey of Tiggerhood, and as such I am endeavoring to whittle away at this particular talent, there is a small part of me, the part of me that is eager to blame it on mother Earth, that thinks I should put a positive spin on this talent of mine.

After all, if over complication is inherent to human nature, then by virtue of my exceptional aptitude for over-complication, I should, perhaps, consider that that makes me super-human 🙂




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