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I feel compelled to add something to my Things that just are not ok category – yes, you guessed it, that would be April showers, or, more specifically, April hail and sub 40 degree weather.

I’m sorry, but I believe it is just not ok for my car thermometer to read 39 degrees on an April morning. It would be somewhat less not ok if I could turn around and go back to bed, but if I am forced by societal expectations to actually show up at work as scheduled, then it is decidedly not ok for it to be that cold in the morning in April.

However, for reasons I cannot comprehend, the weather does not appear to be swayed by my pleas, prayers, sun dances, threats, or temper tantrums.  In fact, I must grudgingly admit that temper tantrums have become a decreasingly effective manipulative ploy over the last 39 years.  However, it’s April and it’s cold and rainy, so I have added temper tantrums to my bag of equally ineffective tricks. The weather is a stubborn pain in the you know what!

Which leads me to April showers and May flowers, yadyadayada.

It is most likely due to the fact that even though it is April, I cannot safely leave the house without my rain jacket that the phrase “April showers bring May flowers” sprung to my mind.  Or, it could be that the constant deluge of rain has caused my brain to go soggy.  Perhaps it is a combination of both.

So, I allowed morbid curiosity to reign supreme for a fleeting moment and spent all of about 2 minutes surfing the internet to see if there was anything interesting about that particular phrase.  While there may well be something fascinating to be discovered, I did not stumble upon it in my 120 second perusal of sites that popped up in response to my Google search. Yep, Tigger and I truly are not patient enough to research anything for more than 120 seconds.

Needless to say, our rather strong opinion on the whole April showers thing was not impacted by our internet search.

I suspect the phrase was crafted by someone who found the better phrase “To turn horse manure into beef stew.” had a negative impact on their ability to enjoy a bowl of stew.  After all, what better for a cold, dreary, rainy April day than a hot bowl of stew?  One can well imagine how thoughts of horse manure could negatively impact a person’s ability to savor their stew.  Especially if the stew in question has odd looking lumps in it.

Yes, the phrase, “April showers bring May flowers” is certainly more palatable.  If the idea is that by suffering through yet another month of cold temperatures and nasty wet stuff coming out of the sky we end of with something presumably pleasant like flowers.

Except, I must say, I don’t think the trade off is worth it.  I mean, flowers?  Really?  Aren’t those the things that attract bees and give off pollen which cause allergies to flare up?

Hmmm, perhaps the genius who crafted the April showers and May flowers stuff was a masochist.

However, it is what it is.

Tigger and I have been forced to accept that our desires have not been respected by the weather, and we have come up with an alternate plan.

Tigger and I have decided to alter the meaning of the April showers phrase in our own minds to suit our own purposes.  This is NOT a case of Casey-logic, it is merely a way of re-framing a miserable April into something which Tigger and I would find far more appealing than colorful, allergy inducing magnets for black and yellow things with painful stingers on their rumps.

One way of looking at the whole showers for flowers thing is to consider that good comes from bad.  Yeah, I’m not buying it.

The other way of looking at it would be (must use vivid imagination in my opinion) to consider that water fosters growth and development, hence April showers bring May flowers.  Though I’m still not buying it, it is more palatable to me and suits our current agenda.

Tigger and I are on a mission.  Well, we are on a journey of Tiggerhood, but part of that journey is the mission of writing our book.

Tigger and I are going to take this April and turn it into our growth and development month.

We are going to finish our book!  Yes, you read that correctly.  We are going to hunker down and write this month.  May flowers will undoubtedly come, but for us, our May “flowers” will be a completed manuscript.

To that end, we have committed to each other to hold fast to our scheduled writing days and not allow ourselves to be lured away to other things on the days we have allotted for our book.  With each and every temptation, or, as is not infrequently the case, overwhelming sense of guilt if we do not agree to such and such task which takes us from our writing, we have made a solemn pact between ourselves that we are going to feed our book with fervent devotion for the entire month.

We have other goals for the month of April which are nicely aligned with finishing the book, but the book is the one, definitive, tangible goal we have set.

Sometimes, I think you just have to announce a goal, put it out to the universe, put it out to other people, to make it happen.

Tigger and I are taking the horse manure of miserable April weather and we are going to turn that into a finished version of Jacob.  And in May, Jacob is going to sprout wings and fly 🙂

April is truly going to be a writing and rolling month.

Of course, I fully expect that, though my pleas, prayers, sun dances, threats and temper tantrums did not get through the weather’s thick, stubborn, heartless exterior, my quest to finish my book will  likely lure the sun out of hiding so that it can entice me onto the deck.

What the sun may not know is, I have a netbook and a memory stick 🙂

Here’s to the rain!




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