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Another argument in favor of leading a Tigger inspired life.

Can you imagine how a world filled with Tiggers would approach the journey of new parenthood?

Laugh all you want, but I think Tigger-folk would have an ideal balance toward the nurturance of their young that would effectively eradicate a huge proportion of the sadness, frustration and pain that human parents currently inflict upon themselves in the first few days of parenting their newborns.

For while Tigger-folk would undoubtedly have no less love, care and concern for their young than any other species, Tiggers are jolly, ebullient fellows who lack the human tendency to complicate everything that often contributes to human parents’ distress in the care of their babies.

For I have come to realize that, in regards to caring for infants, and in particular, breastfeeding them, too much knowledge is not a good thing for us humans.

Before you label me (the hospital based Lactation Consultant) a heretic, hear me out.

First, take the typical brand new mother’s quest for perfection in parenting, combine it with the human talent for hyper-analysis, and toss in an overdose of education which suggests that all aspects of feeding an infant can be learned, known, and conquered.

Then, once the above has been thoroughly blended, take that very same brand new mother, subject her to sleep deprivation, constant interruption, and, last but not least, a screaming baby, who, by the way, didn’t read any of the books on “the new mother’s guide to how to be perfect at breastfeeding and everything else” list, and you have a recipe for disaster.

The truth is, the best thing for that mom would be to throw out all the books and have a rip roaring good laugh, followed by a “don’t worry, just roll with the punches, it’s going to work out” pep talk.  But that would be too simple, and unfortunately for the new mother, she’s a human and she’s been educated by our technologically advanced human society to believe that the answer to any of her struggles can be found in – more education, more learning, and, ultimately, a renewed pursuit of her quest for perfection.

Because, we humans can’t allow for the possibility that we can’t know, learn, and conquer something – including, and most especially, our progeny.

I know, I see it every day and it pains me greatly, it truly does.

But unfortunately, although the Tigger within me is certain that what the sad, bedraggled, sleep deprived, hormonally charged new mom in front of me needs is an infusion of bouncy, trouncy, flouncy, pouncy Tigger goodness, it has been my experience that in these circumstances, attempts at jocularity are not well received.

This, as you might well imagine, on my journey of Tiggerhood, has proved to be quite the challenge for it forces me to expend significant amounts of energy curbing my inner Tigger in order that my sense of humor not be misconstrued as an indicator of a lack of care or concern.  Ironically, and sadly, it is Tigger’s very jolly and relaxed inner nature that is so desperately needed to mitigate the destructive human tendency to think that all things, even parenthood, can be perfected and learned by a simple cranial upload of data.

I’ve been known to say on a daily basis that we should feed our babies as we would if we lived in a zoo on an alien planet – stripped of book learning.   Perhaps, you could even say, as we would if we were jolly, ebullient Tiggers in a zoo on an alien planet.

And while I am most assuredly channeling my inner Tigger when I make these comments, that should in no way detract from the inherent truths within my Tigger generated commentary – perhaps we should not utilize human methods for learning how to interact with human babies.  Instead, perhaps we should take our lead from Tigger, and envision ourselves as Tigger-folk in a zoo on an alien planet 🙂

I am certain everyone would be happier, and I (the one whose gainful, paid employment entails none other than the above lamented hyper education on how to feed human babies) would probably be out of a job 😛





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