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Goku has taken it upon himself to make these four new Tiggers his very own.

Goku has taken it upon himself to make these four new Tiggers his very own.

Every once in a while, I become so consumed by a particular pursuit that no matter how many times I bang my head against a brick wall, I just keep on throwing  myself at it.

Unfortunately, in keeping with my dislike of moderation, when I go into this type of hyper drive, I don’t just hyper focus on one pursuit, I do so on multiple pursuits simultaneously. That means lots of brick walls!

I suppose that’s the problem with having a thick skull, some things (like brick walls) simply don’t register! No matter how many of them there are.

Recently, I was in one of those multiple, all consuming pursuits modes.

It took a gentle nudge from Tigger to help me remember (not for the first time) that life is too short to spend it banging my head against bricks. Better for me to bounce my way onto another path instead. And if what I seek is meant to be, it will find me.

Tigger, naturally, has a sense of humor. He used my love of Tiggers to give me this nudge.

For several weeks, I had been on a quest (i.e. all consuming, fruitless pursuit) to find a new Tigger to add to my Tigger collection.

You’d think that doing so would involve nothing more than going to the Disney or toy store and picking one out. But you’d be wrong. The Disney store has a paltry, and ever dwindling, selection of Tiggers, and the toy store even less.

Tigger, it seems, is not as highly adored as he should be. It grieves me to see how casually he has been cast aside to make room for non-Tigger characters.

Week after and week, I persisted. And week after week, I came home empty handed.

I tried to ignore the little voice that told me it might be time to call my Tigger collection complete. After all, I only have a little over twenty Tiggers in my Tigger family. Obviously, my collection is far from complete!

For there is no such thing as having too many Tiggers. It’s a Tigger law. Any suggestion to the contrary is not tolerated in my household. My husband can attest to this.

And, allow me to take a moment, while we’re on the subject of Tigger law, to mention two additional, yet equally important, Tigger laws.

  • Tigger is the only one, no matter how many of him there are.
  • We never speak of this paradox – i.e. how can I have a room full of Tiggers, if Tigger is the only one? Such things cause Tiggers’ brains to itch something fierce, and itchy brains use up energy that is better served fueling bouncy tails. Nuf said.

There. I’m glad we cleared that up. Now we can be friends.

Back to my story.

Earlier this week, I decided to treat myself to a few hours of quality me time. I planned to spend that time drinking coffee, reading a good book, and making the rounds in my ever futile Tigger search.

But as I sipped my coffee and read my book, I realized that my search for a new Tigger kept bouncing me right into a brick wall. I simply could not continue to devote so much time to an activity that consistently only brought me misery.

With a very heavy heart, and after another cup of coffee, I decided it was time to put aside my burning (and all consuming) need to bring more Tiggers into my family and instead, re-focus my energies on my existing Tiggers.

So, instead of making the rounds on my standard Tigger search, I spent the remainder of my quality me time running mundane errands.

And an amazing thing happened.

I found a batch of Tiggers in a very unexpected, place!

I’ll never forget the moment.

It was at the pet store.

The automatic sliding glass doors swished open invitingly.

I stepped inside the brightly lit store and peered down the entry aisle.

It was so surreal that I had to stop and stare to be certain of what I saw. It was as if they had known I was coming!

For directly before me, not twenty feet away, was a display filled with Tiggers! Hundreds of Tiggers! Well, okay, only about a dozen, but…dozens of Tiggers! Dozens and dozens!

My eyes glossed over like those of a child visiting a candy factory for the first time.

Oblivious to everything around me, I dashed to my beloved, newly found Tiggers. I dread to think what might have happened had a child inadvertently strayed into my path. Fortunately, we will never know.

Yet as I neared the Tiggers, my surprised delight quickly turned to horror.

The beloved Tiggers in question had been designed as dog toy Tiggers!

How could anybody think to put Tigger’s head on a thick rope so that he could be used in a game of tug of war with a dog?!

And why would anybody put a squeaker inside him in hopes that a puppy could delight in mauling him to hear him squeal?!

How could anyone be so cruel?

It was clear to me that these were Tiggers in need of rescuing! And I was just the person to rescue them!

I quickly snatched up as many as I could. That is, as many as I thought I could purchase without raising a concern that the pet store had been infiltrated by a bat poop crazy lady.

Clutching my newly rescued Tiggers, I dashed home, tucked them into the Tigger bed, and reassured them they were safe from all manner of canine torment.

Then I sat back to think about what had happened.

Four new Tiggers! Just like that!

And someplace I never would have thought to look.

It was while I held that thought at the forefront of my brain that I glanced over at my Bounce Bounce Tigger. He always looks like he’s grinning at me, more so than any of my other Tiggers.

And it occurred to me, Tigger, being a cheeky sort of chap, might be trying to tell me something.

For Tigger knows I can be just a tiny bit thick headed on the odd, rare occasion. That sometimes, I pursue things so intensely that I blind myself to everything else, including the very thing I seek.

At times like that, I learn things better when they come in adorable Tigger packages.

I’ve been forcing myself down several brick walled paths lately. I think it’s time for me to follow some sage Tigger advice.

Tigger’s Tiggeriffic advice:

  • Don’t keep banging your head against the wall.
  • Bounce down another path instead. After all, that’s what bouncy tails are for!
  • If what you seek is meant to be, it will find you.

It’s time to bounce!






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