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I’m a to-do list kind of gal.

Every night, I sit down and write out a to-do list with all the things I think I should do the next day.

But my to-do list has a down side.

Somewhere along the way, the idea of having a blank to-do list, of setting aside a day for the sole purpose of relaxing, became unacceptable.

So, instead of admitting that sometimes I need a day to rest, I started lying to myself. I dutifully wrote down the things that I thought I “should” do on my to-do list, secretly knowing I wasn’t going to do them.

Like I did for today.

Yesterday, I was just getting over being sick. And last night, even before I went to bed, I knew that what I really needed, more than getting a bunch of stuff done, was to give myself a day to recover.

But the idea of leaving a blank on my to-do list was more than I could bear. So, like I do every night, I dutifully wrote out a list of things to do.

Today was a sunny day. And, like Tiggers sometimes do on sunny days, I took a nap and soaked in some sunrays. It was just what I needed. But, unfortunately, a little voice in the back of my mind kept reminding me of things I thought I should be doing.

I couldn’t help but wonder, as I basked in the sun’s warmth, how much more restful would today have been if I hadn’t fretted about not having accomplished anything? If I had simply left my to-do list blank?

Unfortunately, going to bed with a blank to-do list for the next day is a bigger step than I’m ready to take at this stage of my personal growth. Maybe someday. But not now.

However, after a day of napping, I have come up with an acceptable solution.

Next time I really need a day off, I’m going to write this on my to-do list:

  • Rest
  • Nap
  • Veg
  • Maybe read something
  • Maybe not

That way, instead of spending the day fretting about all the things I failed to do, I can bask in the joy of knowing that at the end of the day, I will be able to cross off every single item on my list :-)!

I am, after all, a to-do list kind of gal!




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