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Every week, I learn something new from my beloved Stella.

Hammy_hand2This week’s life lessons from my hamster:

  • If you’re very, very cute, you can do anything
  • Size doesn’t matter, only cuteness does



This is good news! Because although we have no control over how tall we are, we have complete control over how cute we are:

  • Cuteness is a matter of one’s own perception. Or at least, it should be
  • Every person should perceive him or herself as cute and adorable, whether or not others do
  • And when you’re very, very cute, there is nothing you can’t do

Tip – if you do not perceive yourself as cute, you must first learn to believe in your cuteness before you can learn hamster-like fearlessness!

Hammy cuteAdmittedly, Stella is adorable even from a completely unbiased and objective point of view.

But it isn’t my perception of Stella’s cuteness that allows her to be fearless, it’s hers.

Stella sees herself as utterly and exquisitely adorable. She has such confidence in this reality, such a conviction of her own cuteness, that it never occurs to her to doubt it.

Because she’s cute, her size is irrelevant. She has no fear that her small stature might prevent her from accomplishing anything.

Cute trumps all.

These are just a few of the things Stella has proved one can do when one is cute:

Goku1. Be fearless – you’re cute, you’re allowed to be:

  • You can chase the cat. Even if he is ten times your size.
  • Don’t let the fact that you are the cat’s very definition of a tasty-looking snack stop you from chasing the cat
  • In fact, you owe it yourself to chase the cat. Doing so will empower you to realize that you can accomplish anything
  • He’s a cat. You’re a hamster. Sure, you’re small, but you’re cute. Time to prove a point

Hammy climbing blinds 22. Follow your dreams – no goal is too lofty:

  • You want to climb the blinds? Climb them
  • You do not need a reason to climb the blinds
  • The fact that the blinds lead absolutely nowhere and that there is no food at the end, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t climb them
  • Pursue your dream. It’s your dream, nobody else’s
  • After all, you’re cute, it’s the prerogative of the exquisitely cute to do exactly what they want

3. Don’t worry about what others think:

  • You’re very cute, you can do whatever you want
  • Shove as much food as you like in your cheeks, don’t worry, you’ll still be really, really cute. Because you’re a hamster
  • (Unfortunately this particular lesson in the powers of cuteness only applies to hamsters and baby humans and not to adult humans)

We should all strive to be as unwaveringly confident in our cuteness as Stella is.

Because being cute, clearly, is the first step to fearlessness.




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