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If you have the opportunity, do yourself a favor and go see Down River!

DownRiver CardAnd if you don’t live near Toronto or Vancouver?

  • Well, Down River is the perfect excuse for that impromptu vacation you didn’t know you wanted to take  🙂
  • But if calling in sick and hopping on the nearest plane doesn’t sit right with your conscience, you can always settle for crossing your fingers and hoping and praying that Down River comes your way…

(Personally, I believe that plane tickets and sick days exist so that we need not miss out on awesomeness like Down River, but that’s just my opinion.)

If you want to know why I think you should play hooky to go see this film, check out my review of Down River in Ferreira Fest #51. FF#51 also has Ferreira Fest’s excellent interview with Down River’s amazing Jennifer Spence.

In fact, even if you don’t want to read about Down River and Jennifer Spence (?!?!), you should check out this month’s Ferreira Fest.

Rabbit fingers2


Because, as with every edition of Ferreira Fest, Ferreira Fest #51 is chock-full of new Louis Ferreira goodies to satisfy your Louis sweet tooth – i.e. fantastic photos and updates about the awesome, phenomenal and Tiggeriffic Louis Ferreira 🙂

Louis Banner

If, for some unfathomable reason you do not know who Louis Ferreira is – gasp, shudder, horror – you are missing out on Pure and Unadulterated Fantastic. You should make it a priority to remedy that immediately by clicking the banner to the left!

So, why this blog post?

Because there is art that entertains and touches and inspires.

And then there is art that nourishes the soul and permanently enriches the lives of its audience.

Down River is that kind of art.

And Louis Ferreira is that kind of artist.

And Tigger and I thought we’d share 🙂




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