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Me and Tigger more

I’m a nurse, writer and avid Tigger admirer.

I have purple hair and a Tigger tattoo.

I write stories about being human, and experiencing our humanity through the moments, people and chance encounters that touch us and awaken us to the whispers of the soul.

I also like to laugh. A lot.

Mostly at myself. But also at all of us.

We humans are a quirky species. And sometimes I like to write about that too!

And, yes, I really do have a collection of writings under the category “The Alien Zookeeper’s Guide. To Breastfeeding.” I’m a Lactation Consultant, how could I not?

Even more about me


About me and StuartI live near Portland, Oregon with my husband, Stuart, a wonderful man who has embraced what I like to call “The rich tapestry of Casey” with amazing alacrity.

I have a son who insists that he will one day make me grandbabies and candied bacon.

Tom Graduation with certificatePossibly not in that order.

Despite having me for his mother, Tom survived his childhood and blossomed into an amazing and remarkable young man. I take no credit. Except for his cuteness :-).

I am a Registered Nurse and a Lactation Consultant. I work on the odd occasion. I help new moms and dads learn to care for, and feed, the youngest members of their family. It’s a very cool job. I use Tigger, Kermit the Frog, and a fake hamburger as learning props.

This is the forty-fifth year that I’ve refused to grow up.

Interesting tidbits

Tigger likes to help me write.

Tigger likes to help me write.

I am a devoted Tigger fan. Tigger is my hero. I seek to emulate him on a regular basis. I have an ever-growing Tigger collection. One cannot have too many Tiggers, no matter what my husband says!

Thumbs2My favorite food groups are coffee, bacon, peanut butter cups, cheese puffs, pizza. In that order.

My favorite actor is Louis Ferreira.

I have an Eagle tattoo on my back.

I have a hamster named Stella. She has turned my world upside down. She is a Princess and the most brilliant hamster in the universe.

I am a dog person at heart. No one was more surprised than I at the way Stella has wrapped me around her oh-so-perfect-and-adorable little hamster paws.

What others would say about me, if you were to ask

Hammy_hand2My son would probably tell you that I’m no more or less neurotic than the any other woman he’s ever met.

My husband would hide.

Tigger would tell you I’m pretty cool :-). Stuffed animals are pretty good for that!