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The Alien Zookeeper’s Guide to Breastfeeding

Resources – my favorites! Great wheels – I’m not going to reinvent them!


Dr. Jack Newman – International Breastfeeding Centre

  • Excellent information, handouts, books, DVDs, as well as video clips you can’t afford to miss!

James McKenna – The Natural Child Project

James McKenna – Mother-Baby Behavioral Sleep Laboratory

  • Information for making an informed decision on infant sleeping


  • Personally, my favorite web resource after Dr. Jack Newman’s

Suzanne Colson’s Biological Nurturing

  • Laid-Back breastfeeding, information, resources and video clip

Dr. Nils Bergman’s Kangaroo Mother Care

  • Skin to skin – not just for preterm babies!

Dr. William Sears

  • Excellent source for attachment parenting and fussy baby

DVDs to purchase:

There are many online videos – I’ve listed them below in the online video section.

If you are going to purchase any breastfeeding DVDs, these are some I’d recommend:

Biological Nurturing Laid-Back Breastfeeding For Mothers by Suzanne Colson

Baby-Led Breastfeeding The Mother-Baby Dance by Christina Smillie

Dr. Jack Newman’s Visual Guide to Breastfeeding

Follow Me Mum by Rebecca Glover – online version available!

DVD to borrow:

Delivery Self Attachment by Lennart Righard

  • An excellent video, I wouldn’t recommend purchasing it – it’s great to see, but not something you need to watch more than once, and it’s only six minutes long. However, if you can borrow it from a childbirth instructor or La Leche League, it’s well worth watching.

Free online videos:


  • Amazing video

International Breastfeeding Centre – video clips

  • Jack Newman has a great collection of video clips – all are worth seeing!

Biological Nurturing video clip

Jane Morton’s videos – Stanford – Newborn Nursery at LPCH

  • As a minimum, I recommend watching Hand Expression before baby is born:


The Ultimate Breastfeeding Book of Answers by Jack Newman

Breastfeeding Made Simple – Nancy Mohrbacher


What Happens to Breastfeeding When Mothers Lie Back?” by Suzanne Colson

Newborn Hands: Why are they always in the way while breastfeeding?” San Diego Breastfeeding Center, LLC

For a clinical article From USLCA  – “Facilitating Autonomous Infant Hand Use During Breastfeeding” by Catherine Watson Genna