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Puppies Recall, Children Fly

I’ve learned many things from having a new puppy. The most important being that there is a very big difference between raising puppies and raising children. Yes, I know, that sounds like it should be obvious. But that’s the problem. I don’t think it is. And I don’t... read more

Puppy Training Tales

Paco, my German Shepherd puppy, never ceases to amaze me with his brilliance. It took him all of five seconds to teach me my first trick: Fetch. I, on the other hand, had been retrieving his bones for him (which, I might add, I did with amazing alacrity) for well over... read more

A Freedom Yet To Come

Celebrating freedom, and looking forward to celebrating another freedom, a freedom that is yet to come. *** The world is my oyster. Or so I am told when I am young. I can grow up to be whatever I want to be, for I am free to follow the path of my heart. But that isn’t... read more

Art To Nourish The Soul

If you have the opportunity, do yourself a favor and go see Down River! And if you don’t live near Toronto or Vancouver? Well, Down River is the perfect excuse for that impromptu vacation you didn’t know you wanted to take  🙂 But if calling in sick and... read more

First Be Cute, Fearlessness Follows

Every week, I learn something new from my beloved Stella. This week’s life lessons from my hamster: If you’re very, very cute, you can do anything Size doesn’t matter, only cuteness does     This is good news! Because although we have no control over how... read more

Free To Be You And Me

Many of us spend our adolescent years, and some of us even much, if not all, of our lives, struggling to change who we are in order to fit in and be accepted. How freeing would it be if we didn’t have to be afraid to be exactly who we are? Think of what we could do,... read more